The Upstream Advantage

Upstream Solutions Inc. (USI) is a leading Newfoundland and Labrador based provider of specialized services and staffing to oil and gas, mining, hydro-electric and other heavy industries. 

Established in 2002 and based in St. John’s, NL, USI has been, and continues to be, involved in the major Canadian east-coast projects. We bring experienced professionals—from technicians and planners to cost control, contract administrators, project managers and engineers —and tailor specialized staff, services, and solutions to meet client requirements on a hit-the-ground- running basis.

What sets USI apart:

  • Well established reputation with both clients and personnel;
  • Industry competitive compensation;
  • Opportunities to work and gain experience on mega projects and operations;
  • Broad and deep industry experience;
  • Knowledge of the operational challenges in harsh-area environments;
  • Ability to conduct in-house Criminal Background Checks, Reference Checks, Employment Checks, Education Checks and Exit Interviews;
  • Focus on safety is an integral with everything we do;
  • Ability to anticipate client requirements and therefore meet and exceed their expectations;
  • Close to the market and resource requirements.

Our commitment to candidates and clients has earned us a positive reputation in the markets we serve. 

We act with respect and integrity – everyone we work with is essential to our business; honesty is a key to our success.


“To strengthen our client’s bottom line and safety performance through a structured troubleshooting and problem solving approach that provides effective, practical and operable solutions.

This goal is accomplished by assembling a highly experienced, innovative team of professionals working closely together in an environment where open-mindedness and multi-discipline team work is encouraged and established norms challenged.”

CORE Values

Health and Safety
At USI, the health and safety of personnel is of paramount importance. USI’s commitment is to provide an Incident Free Workplace Environment for all personnel that may be affected by our operations including our personnel, clients, contractors and visitors. Our goal is that EVERYONE, regardless of their relationship with USI, goes home at the end of the day, incident free. We also promote the belief that safety is not just a workplace value, but that safety needs to be practiced in all aspects of our lives, at work and when away from the workplace.

At USI, our people are our most important resource. We strive to provide workplaces that are safe, healthy, free of any type of harassment and where our personnel can make significant contributions to our clients while, at the same time, enhancing their own personal and professional development.

We believe that creating and maintaining value is an important aspect of how we conduct our business. We strive to create value for our clients by providing exceptional levels of customer service and products. As well, we also believe that our people should feel they are both adding and receiving value through the work they perform each day. To that end, we will endeavour to provide meaningful workplace assignments for the benefit of both the client and the individual.

We will conduct our business with honesty and integrity in all aspects. We have established a Code of Ethics that sets minimum standards and expectations for how we behave and act and we have established policies and procedures to ensure that, as a minimum, applicable legislation, rules and client requirements, are met and /or exceeded.

Creativity and Innovation
We both encourage and welcome new ideas and new ways of conducting our business in following the principle of “Continual Improvement”. This applies to people, process, procedures and any other way in which we may add value for our clients, our people, the industries where we work and, where possible, to society in general.

The USI Team

Carmen Shallow, VP Operations
Leslie Woodford, Accounting and Payroll Administrator
Geanine McGrath, HR Coordinator


One of USI’s strengths is in providing specialized staffing. We are able to source highly skilled and competent personnel to provide the highest level of service and contribution to our clients. We have networks established across Newfoundland, Canada, the US, and Europe that open doors for both clients and candidates to meet their respective needs.